Zuzube is a Dating App that will combine screening, booking, and payment in a single platform. Zuzube offers an advanced companionship experience to a trusted customer and who value discreet, secure exchanges. Unlike other competitors, Zuzube offers a single meeting place for screening and arranging a date. This enables us to offer security, comfort, peace of mind, and reduced costs...

Best Services

Dating services are assessed to be over $500 billion.

Successful Date

Daing App is intrinsically an inefficient, divided market, given the various steps that should be executed by both the partners to ensure a successful date.

It is Super Easy

Since the Internet is much lucrative and easier.

It is Secure

Zuzube will publish another block on its Single-Issuer-Blockchain containing a tree of all the codes issued for completed dates that month.

Take a Quick Overview

  • Decentralized Blockchain-based platform
  • Innovation
  • The Zuzube Dates
  • It is very Economical
  • Pay with Crypto Currencies

Decentralized Blockchain-based platform

Zuzubeis a decentralized Blockchain-based platform. It offers a secure dating services and fastest-growing social network.


As an advanced innovation, it is designed to connect seekers to their desired partner.

The Zuzube Dating

The Zuzube Dating Platform integrates detailed search, booking, payment, and screening into a single, user-friendly interface. Users can be able to input detailed search, browse all the available partners, and make “Make a date” requests.

It is very Economical

Booking fees of only 20% on Zuzube versus 40% with typical agencies.

Pay with Crypto Currencies

The flexibility to justaccept payments in cryptocurrency, improving privacy and reducing scrutiny on transaction


Zuzube is the premier choice for dating to conduct business. We provide:


One platform that integrates shopper screening, booking, payment, and advertising.

Super Fast Matches

We tend to cut back the price of client acquisition and reduce the time required to screen clients by 70%.


Inflated visibility to purchasers thanks to our giant advertising budget and reach across several online and offline platforms.

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Blockchain-based decentralized secure premium Dating App and fastest-growing social network